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Audax K.C. is the home of long-distance, non-competitive endurance bicycling in Kansas City, and the official site for ACP and RUSA-sanctioned bicycle events in the Kansas City Region. If you are unfamiliar with this unique style of bicycling, scroll down to the "About Our Rides" section.

Audax K.C. has no club membership dues, however, membership with RUSA is required to participate in our events. Check out our ride calendar and see the section below to register!

Your RBA and organizer is Spencer Klaassen.
Feel free to email for more information!
We look forward to riding with you!

How to Register for a Ride

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Audax K.C. is proud to present:

The Rolla Taum-Sauk 8k600k
Saturday, October 19th, 2024

RUSA’s 8k600k is an ACP 600 km event that contains 8,000 meters of climbing (as measured using the OpenRunner tool), and counts toward the RUSA R10000 Award.  The event has a 40-hour cutoff time.

R10000 Award details can be found here: https://rusa.org/pages/award_r10000

Granted, most areas of the country will have a hard time creating a 600km route with the climbing required for this award. “Lots of climbing” conjures thoughts of the Rockies, the Sierras, or the Appalachians … perhaps Pennsylvania, east Texas, or the Tennessee Valley.
In reality, if you live in the Midwest, “lots of climbing” is closer than you might think!

Audax K.C. is proud to offer an 8k600k adventure in the nearby Ozark Mountains!

Just a few hours’ drive from Kansas City, the Ozarks region is beautiful country: sparsely populated, crisscrossed by untamed rivers, creeks, deep valleys, and century-old byways, providing a unique cycling experience and a great test of your climbing legs - the perfect event for your pursuit of the R10000 Award.  This epic ride features a climb to the top of Taum-Sauk Mountain: at 1,772 feet (540 m), it is the highest natural point in the State of Missouri.

Event Details:

Start: Days Inn, 2006 N. Bishop Ave., Rolla, MO.
Hotel around 300km: Fort Davidson Hotel, 310 S. McCune Street, Pilot Knob, MO.

Audax K.C. will also offer shorter distance options in the same weekend to allow participants to enjoy the fun while supporting the 8k600k riders:

1)  Team 200km or 200km Brevet (TBA): a shorter but no less entertaining loop will be on offer, which will be ridden by the organizers so they can finish and switch to a support role for the Super 600 riders on the main loop.

2)  A 100km option (details TBA) will be offered, which overlaps the closing miles of the 600km loop, starting in Potosi, MO.

Details, route, cue sheet, and details on additional distance options to come as we get closer to the October 19th event date.  Email the RBA "89sklaassen [at] gmail [dot] com" to join our email list for more information!

Medals & Awards

Medals & Awards
Looking to push yourself? RUSA has lots of awards for distance milestones, special events, state exploring, monthly & season-long ride challenges, and more. Click the image to visit RUSA and find out more!


Especially with our bigger events, volunteers help make it happen. If you, or anyone you know, has an interest in helping make our events a success, please contact our RBA, Spencer Klaassen. Thank you!

About our Rides

Randonneuring is self-supported long-distance bicycling. It is not a race but instead unfolds like a timed tour.

Randonneuring events (called populaires, brevets, or permanents) vary in length between 100km (62 miles) and 1,200km (750 miles). Riders follow a pre-determined route via a GPS track and/or a cue sheet. Riders prove their completion of the course by collecting receipts and/or signatures from controls (usually convenience stores) along the route, and/or by way of their GPS track or other electronic means, depending on the event and its rules. One rides to finish within set time limits for each event, depending on route length. For example, the time limit for a 200km (125 mile) event is 13.5 hours, which includes any stops.

Randonneuring celebrates self-sufficiency. This is where randonneuring differs from other cycling events like supported charity rides. On a brevet or a permanent, you are on your own ride. The self-sufficiency ethos of randonneuring means that you are responsible for your own pace, your own nutrition and hydration, your own repairs, and, above all, your own safety.

Safety is of utmost importance. All rides take place on public roads. All riders should be visible, safe, predictable, and courteous to other road users at all times. Reflective gear and sufficient front and rear lights are required for any event that might begin or end in the dark. Read RUSAs rules on these points carefully and equip yourself and your bicycle appropriately.

Randonneuring is a big tent where every rider finds their own challenge. Some might be on their first big ride and will set a goal to finish inside the route time limit, where others keen on speed may try for a personal best. Some riders consider 100km to be “plenty”, where others continue to push themselves to the longest distances. Some ride only gravel, some only pavement, and some enjoy a mix of both. Some riders crave the latest tech and carbon fiber frames, others prefer vintage steel or fixed-gear drivetrains. All are randonneurs, and we respect all of these riders.

For many, randonneuring IS the goal. For those looking at a title gravel event or something even bigger, randonneuring is a great time and a great way to build a big aerobic base and set yourself up for success. All you need is a properly equipped human-powered bicycle, and a sense of adventure and challenge …

We are all out to have fun and enjoy a good, long ride!

Key Take-aways & Important Links:

· All riders must have a current RUSA membership to participate in our events

· All riders must obey local road laws and follow all RUSA regulations

· Reflective gear and lights are required for any event that might begin or end in the dark - see RUSA's reflectivity guide

· Visit RUSA’s FAQ page for even more details

If you have ANY questions about the above information, please feel free to contact the RBA.