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Audax K.C. is the home for long-distance, non-competitive bicycling in Kansas City and the official site for ACP and RUSA-sanctioned rides for the Kansas City region.

Randonneuring is self-supported long-distance cycling. It's a great sport for those who love to ride their bikes, explore new roads, and discover what is over the next hill. Our rides are scenic and challenging. Perhaps most enjoyable is the camaraderie among randonneurs. Randonneuring is not a race, but the time limits create a worthy challenge.

Randonneuring celebrates self-sufficiency. On a brevet or a permanent, you are on your own ride. The self-sufficiency of randonneuring means that you are responsible for your own pace, your own nutrition, your own repairs, and, above all, your own safety. Although other riders, or the organizers, may offer assistance the ultimate responsibility lies with you. We are each on our own, personal ride on public roads and should be visible, safe, predictable, and courteous to other road users at all times.

Randonneuring is a big tent where every rider finds their challenge. Some aspire to finish within the time limit, others try to set a personal best. Some of our riders enjoy 100km, others continue on to the longest distances. Some ride only gravel, some only pavement, some enjoy a mix of both. Some riders crave the latest tech and carbon fiber frames, others prefer vintage steel or fixed-gear drivetrains.

All are randonneurs, and Audax K.C. respects all of these riders.

We are all out to have fun and enjoy the ride!

Randonneuring rides (called populaires or brevets) vary in length between 100 km (62 miles) and 1,200 km (750 miles). Riders are given a route (cue) sheet and a control card, which they have signed at predetermined points to show that they have completed the course.

Audax KC has no membership dues: We welcome all riders!

All riders, however, must have a current RUSA membership to participate in Audax KC events. See the RUSA webpage for membership details.

RUSA membership is a great value and is national in coverage, allowing riders to travel the country and ride a myriad of events with different clubs, all towards mileage awards! Click HERE to join RUSA!

For upcoming Audax KC ride information, see the Audax KC Ride Calendar on this website. Clicking on each ride date expands to reveal full details on each event such as start location, maps & cues, parking info and other applicable information, plus a link for pre-registration.

Finally, to stay informed about our events, please join our email list.




Thursday, September 24, 2020

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New RUSA Waiver for Events in 2020 and beyond

Remember: completing and signing a waiver is required for your participation in any club event.

It is a huge help if you can complete this and have it ready to go, which saves time at the start.

Please use this link https://rusa.org/pages/insurance to download, complete and sign the updated RUSA waiver for participation in any upcoming Audax KC events, either ACP or RUSA-sanctioned.  

Look at either of the top two links listed, titled "Waiver of Liability"

Choose either a PDF or Word Doc version, whatever your preference.

Rules & Regulations:

It is the responsibility of ALL RIDERS participating in Audax K.C., ACP, and RUSA sanctioned events or any RUSA permanents to read, know, understand and practice the RUSA Rules.

Refer to the RUSA Rules link below. Rules are event-specific. Read them carefully. RUSA rules, common-sense, and the rules of the roads on-which we ride will be enforced during our events - no exceptions!

RUSA's Rules List Page for Riders

Registration for Brevets:

Here's your rider checklist for Audax KC brevet registration:

1] Join RUSA!

· Make your rides "count"!

· Earn Awards!

· RUSA's American Randonneur magazine!

· RUSA's rider handbook!

· RUSA Membership only $30/year!

2] Complete the Rider Registration form

3] Mail your ride fees by check payable to . . .

Spencer Klaassen
1617 S. 20th
St. Joseph, MO. 64507

phone (816)244-9692

Email: sklaassen@ponyexpress.net

Feel free to email Spencer if you have questions, especially for special events like the Fleche, Dart or 1,000km

(Hey, what's a brevet?)




Information on RUSA Permanents:

RUSA has updated the Permanents Program, effective Aug. 1st, 2020: Please visit https://rusa.org/pages/permsrollout for more information.


Like any other event, volunteers make it happen. If you, or anyone you know, have an interest in helping make our brevets a success PLEASE contact our RBA, Spencer Klaassen.

Here's a short list of things you can do:

1. (The easiest!) Be an ambassador - tell your cycling friends about randonneuring!

2. Helping with registration duties, taking entries (1 hour before the ride)

3. Checking & Inspecting Velos (1 hour before the ride)

4. Manning a “secret” checkpoint. (Secret checkpoints are mandated by ACP and are designed to encourage riders to “follow the route”)

5. Handling a “bag drop” (on the 600K or 1000K rides)

6. Helping plan a route, or "recon" for detours / construction

Medals & Awards:

ACP supplies medals for ACP-validated Brevets. These are available in the U. S. for members of RUSA. There is a specific medal for each distance (200, 300, 400, 600, & 1000 KM). For each distance, the medals' design is similar but distinct to create a “family” of medals. The same design is kept for four years and a new design is introduced in the new season after each PBP. It is worth buying a complete set of medals, one for each distance, every four years. There are also special RUSA medals for different distances and groups of rides - visit www.RUSA.org and look under "Medals" for more details.

(Note: All medals must be ordered from RUSA via the online store)

Disclaimer for Routes, Maps, Cue Sheets, Navigation Data, & Riders:

The routes represented by cue sheet, map, web-page or navigation data file on this website were submitted by riders like you. Audax KC makes no representations or guarantees as to the accuracy of the cue sheets/maps/navigation data or to the practicality or safety of following/riding the routes represented by each. Routes posted here were composed based on the best available data at the time of their creation. Your exact mileage may (and likely will) vary. The routes generally follow regular, public-access roads used by automobiles and trucks: these roads may have no special provisions for bicycling. Road conditions may have changed since the route was created; road signs may disappear or become turned, blown or knocked down; departments of transportation may rename or remove roads; road conditions may improve or deteriorate; bridges may be reconstructed, closed or moved; roads may be made one-way; construction may exist; natural concerns like flooding, downed trees or residual snow may block a road; there may be varying degrees of gravel, sand, ruts, washouts, or low-water-crossings; gas stations and stores may close, relocate or change operating hours; housing developments or businesses may develop; traffic densities may change; and, all of these may be affected by weather and/or time of day. At organized and sanctioned brevets, all known route issues will be announced at the rider's briefing immediately prior to the start time of that event. Being on-time for events is critical for receipt of this information, as well as a courtesy to your organizers and event staff. Persons should possess adequate cycling skills, be knowledgeable of vehicular & traffic laws, and be able to obey the rules of the road at all times before attempting to follow any of these routes. Persons following any of the routes represented on this website, or following routes based on cue sheets, maps, or navigation data presented upon registration for/at a Audax KC event, assume all risks for their own personal safety, health and well-being, and assume all risks with regards to equipment including their human-powered vehicle, anything that attaches to it, anything worn or used by the rider during the course of the event, as well as transportation to and from the event start/finish location, and agree not to hold Audax KC or any of its members or contributors legally liable for any loss, inconvenience, injury or damage that might occur. Regardless of any guise of organization, all riders (including non-members) that follow any of the routes/maps/navigation data listed here or distributed by our members are considered to be embarking on a personal ride and agree to the above.

Every rider on every ride will be required to sign a liability release form. These will be provided at the start of each event.

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